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The Way Out for China (Part XL): Thoughts on the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party -- Wei Jingsheng

According to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) today, it has reached its 90th birthday. According to its founder Chen Duxiu's words when it was still a small organization, it is already 91 years old. Like the lives of many people, this old party has changed a lot during its lifetime. From its beginning to the present, its image has completely changed. One could even could it has taken on a completely opposite personality. It is indeed different now, as it has turned good into evil.

Now, the image represented by the Chinese Communist Party is so evil it makes it hard for people to admit that indeed in the beginning it was formed by a group of well-meaning idealists. These founding fathers hated social injustice and looked forward to a better social system with equality. They were even willing to sacrifice their own lives to achieve this ideal. The founders in its earliest days, such as Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao, Zhang Guotao (i.e. Chang Kuo-tao), Mao Zedong, along with others who continuously joined the ranks of devotees, were all passionate young people.

Many people think that after it took over China the Communist Party degenerated into a dictatorial and evil party. This view is plausible. This view replaces the ideal reality of the party and its guidelines with personal desire. The good wishes of the individuals became transformed into the evil political reality. However, this view is similar to when some good man follows a liar to say nonsense, and then we say the liar is also a good man. This is typical of mixing right and wrong, mistakenly putting Mr. Li's hat on Mr. Zhang's head.

Only by analyzing the major rights and wrongs of the Communist Party as seen from both people's minds and the political theory, then we might be able to distinguish clearly. Considering people's minds, it is inevitable that there are good and bad people participating in anything. For example, Western democratic politics are considered to be a very good thing. But are Western politicians all good persons? Not necessarily. There are good and bad ones, quite a mixed bag. Some of these politicians could be even worse than the Communist Party officials. Sometimes, their harm to the society is no less than that of bad Communist Party officials.

Therefore, just to distinguish political figures as being simply good and bad is very inaccurate. We can start with people's minds and their motivation to distinguish themselves. While doing the same good thing, some people have good intentions, while some other people try to take advantage of it. In the short-term, they are all doing a good thing. But in the long run, the effect on society will diverge. There are some people motivated by fame and fortune, while others might be motivated by a long-term political goal, or the investment of human relationships. Experience also tells us that it is often unreliable to evaluate people through the short-term effects.

Looking back at history, we can say that the goals were very complicated for those people who joined the Communist Party at its early stages. Indeed, there were people who would sacrifice themselves in the revolution for the country and the people, such as Chen Duxiu and Li Da-zhao. But there were even more profiteers who would have quit quickly as soon as the revolution failed. These people were in the absolute majority. Of course, among them, there were also semi-profiteer, semi-sincere revolutionists. This is a normal phenomenon of every revolutionary movement. A small group of people in the minority is those who we can say were the real devoted idealists, at least then. It is due to the effort of that group of people that made the Communist Party the ruling party, as well as garnered the support of the majority of people at that time. Trying to deny such a reality is totally meaningless.

The question from most of the people is: why did the CCP quickly degenerate after it came to power? This question itself has two errors.

First, the CCP did not wait to show its evil side only after it ruled the whole country. From the time it was still composed by local warlords ruling small areas, various crimes that eventually spread all over the whole China already started in different levels. Thus it is not that it deteriorated later on, but it contained evil from the beginning. It is essentially a political party under the guidance of an evil theory.

Second, not only because degenerating, but because of possessing the genes of sins in its essence, the CCP succeeded in deceiving the society and the people. Some people have confused the deception then as degeneration later. They have not recognized the most vicious nature of the Communist Party. Not only the average people were deceived, even most of the CCP members who sacrificed their blood and lives for the communist party were deceived. In the later part of their lives, many old CCP members could not understand the disaster they had assisted to create, and thus fell into a contradictory mentality because they were unable to make a plausible defense for their lifetime ideal. Both Zhao Ziyang and Xi Zhongxun were representative of these old idealists. This kind of person constitutes a great threat to the ruling base of the Communist Party, and belongs to the group slated for elimination through selection processes that have been going on all the time within the CCP.

Meanwhile, there are some people who enjoyed the high CCP official status with an easy conscience. They were rising with the tide as accomplices to the evil. Without a doubt, these people are the true opportunists and qualify as fraud group members. Therefore, regardless whether in the era of Mao Zedong or the era of Deng Xiaoping, they had everything going their way and were as happy as fish in the water. They led the Communist Party to achieve its essence: autocratic dictatorship and corruption.

Why is it the nature of the Communist Party to be an autocratic and corrupt dictatorship? We should not blame all of the evil on either Mao Zedong, or Vladimir Lenin. The basic gene of evil in the theory started from Karl Marx. The fundamental difference between Marx and other communists, what he thought to be his own invention, was the dictatorship of the proletariat. No matter what other phrases are used to decorate it, what it promotes is dictatorship. This is indisputable. And, given the excuse of being "for the happiness of the people", it is almost equal to a dictatorship with a sacred title.

This crazy idea of dictatorship by the majority is simply impossible to be carried out in reality. It is also self-contradictory. As a dictatorship, it can only be the politics of a few, so how can it belong to the majority? After Lenin usurped the fruit of the Russian Revolution with the money from German agents, he thought that from theory, his dictatorship could only be the dictatorship by the Bolsheviks. However, soon Joseph Stalin found out that a dictatorship by a party was not realistic at all; it could only be a dictatorship of a small minority based on an individual autocracy. So Stalin rapidly eliminated all his competitors from the early Bolsheviks. Mao Zedong simply inherited this theory. On this issue, Mao was honest, instead of being humble.

From the above review we can see clearly that regardless whether Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, or Zhao Ziyang were sincere or profiteer revolutionists, the results are the same: the Communist Party can only be a dictatorial and corrupt political party. People should not complain that the opportunists eventually benefited. That is because the opportunists really saw the essence of the Communist Party, while people like Zhao Ziyang and Xi Zhongxun can only be regarded as stubborn people who were fooled. To wake up from the state of being an accomplice of evil is the only way out for the idealists.