Prominent dissident detained for calling on Vietnamese to overthrow Communist government

HANOI, Vietnam _ One of Vietnam's most prominent pro-democracy dissidents has been detained after calling for a revolution to overthrow the Communist government following a wave of Middle East uprisings, state-controlled media reported Monday.

Nguyen Dan Que last week posted an appeal on the Internet calling for the masses to launch an uprising to make a ``clean sweep of Communist dictatorship and build a new, free, democratic, humane and progressive Vietnam.''

Que called on young people to use the Internet and mobile phones to spread the word for millions to take to the streets and demand an end to Vietnam's one-party rule.

Vietnam Detains Dissident for Uprising Call

One of Vietnam's best-known dissidents is being detained by police in Ho Chi Minh City for posting an Internet appeal for the overthrow of the Communist government, a state-run newspaper reported Monday.

Nguyen Dan Que posted his call to the people to rise up last week, and the Tuoi Tre newspaper reported that the endocrinologist was arrested Saturday while distributing pamphlets calling for a revolution like those sweeping the Middle East in recent weeks. At the same time, attempts in China to organize similar protests were drawing a swift government reaction, with police in Beijing deploying a SWAT team and dogs Sunday to disrupt online efforts to ignite a Middle East-style "Jasmine Revolution."

Vietnam Detains Prominent Dissident for

Vietnamese authorities have detained one of the country’s most prominent dissidents, Nguyen Dan Que, for allegedly calling for the communist government's overthrow, mirroring revolutions seen in the Middle East in recent weeks. The arrest of Nguyen Dan Que took place at his home in the southern Ho Chi Minch City on Saturday (26 February 2011), Vietnam News reported. According to the source, police also seized several documents on Que's anti-government activities during the raid, including pamphlets calling the public to "take the streets to dismantle the Politburo!" and to "take advantage of the democracy movement in Africa and the Middle East". Que, 69, is currently held pending further investigations. He is known for his open criticism against Vietnam's one-party system and the government's economic management. This is the fourth time he has been arrested in over 30 years.

Mideast-inspired dissident held in Vietnam

A veteran Vietnamese dissident has been arrested, official media said Monday, after he called for a Middle East-style uprising in the one-party state.

Nguyen Dan Que is being held for further investigation after allegedly calling for the communist government's overthrow, the Vietnam News reported.

Que, who was born in 1942, was arrested at his Ho Chi Minh City home on Saturday, the Vietnam News said.

During a raid on his house, police allegedly seized many documents related to anti-government activities, including an "appeal to all people" which called on the public to rise up against the government, the report said.

Vietnam arrests dissident in echoes of Chinese crackdown

One of Vietnam's most outspoken dissidents has been detained after allegedly calling for a Middle East-style popular uprising in the one-party state.

Nguyen Dan Que, a 69-year-old doctor who was jailed three times previously for his opposition to the communist-led political system, was arrested on Saturday, according to a report on the government website.

The government claimed that Mr Que had admitted calling for strikes designed to bring down the government in documents that were distributed to "reactionary and hostile elements in the country and abroad."

Uprising call in Vietnam

Dear Vietnamese Compatriots,

Let’s stand up, hold our heads high, and proclaim: Freedom or Servitude!

Let’s take to the streets and put an end to dictatorship, corruption, and nepotism. Take back our rights to work, to live free, to receive medical care, etc. No more oppression and injustice. Farmers, take back your land; workers, take back your dignity!

We want a fair society in which everyone is guaranteed fundamental human rights such as freedom of information, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of Internet access, freedom of movement, freedom of commerce, and freedom of assembly and association for political plurality. And the freedom to choose the right leaders of the nation!

Our Nation is indeed in peril!

The politburo of the Vietnamese Communist Party and its despotic State have sold out our land and sea territories. Vietnam’s sovereignty is under tremendous threat!

A Tale of Two Burmas

It has become fashionable lately in some circles to emphasize the “positive” developments in Burma and the “opportunities” for engagement with its “new government.” The narrative goes something like this: In 2008, the people of Burma approved a new constitution and just two years later the country held its first democratic elections in more than 20 years, which allowed for the participation and election of some pro-democracy candidates. National League for Democracy (NLD) leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been released from house arrest. And with the imminent transfer of power to a civilian government, there is a new generation of more outward-looking and reform-minded leaders in charge. Because of these important developments, the international community should remove sanctions, invest in Burma, and vigorously engage with these newly elected leaders and government-approved civil society organizations to take full advantage of the real opportunities this exciting transition has provided.

This may be the first spark of revolution in Iran

Analysis: If the people dont go home, the regime will have a problem, says veteran Israeli expert on Iranian affairs Menashe Amir.
The protesters of Egypt, who brought down Hosni Mubarak over the weekend after 18 days of sustained demonstrations, have given the Iranian public a clear lesson, according to Menashe Amir, the veteran Israeli expert on Iranian affairs: When you take the streets, dont go home again.

Secretary Clinton doubles down on Internet freedom at the State Department

A year ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made unrestricted open Internet access a top foreign policy priority for the United States. In the months since, much has changed in the warp and weft of the the online world, including the expansion of Wikileaks into a global phenomenon and the historic revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. Today in Washington, Secretary Clinton took the podium again to talk about Internet freedom in a networked world. "The Internet has become the public space of the 21st century--the world's town square, classroom, marketplace, coffee house, and nightclub," said Clinton. "We all shape and are shaped by what happens there. All two billion of us and counting."

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